Acting AG Whitaker discusses repealing ACA in 2014 interview

In 2014, Caffeinated Thoughts (a Christian and conservative blog) interviewed newly appointed Acting US Attorney General Matt Whitaker. At the time of the interview, Whitaker was a U.S. Senate candidate in Iowa.

In this Q&A, Whitaker shares his thoughts on climate change, mass shootings, immigration, and education. He also shares a few thoughts on healthcare.

When asked about his position on the Affordable Care Act in 2014, he said,

“We need to do everything we can to repeal it, defund it, delay it — we need to do whatever it takes. It’s having an incredibly negative impact on our economy. What can we do? We need to get a majority in the House and Senate and we need to get this president to change his mind. We need the people to agree with us that it’s such a negative, long-term impact on our economy and it has to be undone.”

Whitaker also went on to say that rulings related to the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate were some of the worst decisions in the Supreme Court’s history.

“The courts are supposed to be the inferior branch of our three branches of government. We have unfortunately off loaded many of our tough public policy issues onto the court and they’ve decided hem. Unelected judges are deciding many of the issues of the day. There are so many (bad rulings). I would start with the idea of Marbury v. Madison. That’s probably a good place to start and the way it’s looked at the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of constitutional issues. We’ll move forward from there. All New Deal cases that were expansive of the federal government. Those would be bad. Then all the way up to the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate.”