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Division of Insurance partners with ORCAA to protect Colorado insurance consumers

| Apr 22, 2022 | Colorado

Cathy O’Neil and her firm will support the DOI’s implementation of a law that restricts the use of consumer data by insurers. Last summer, Governor Polis signed Senate Bill (SB) 21-169 - Restrict Insurers' Use of External Consumer Data - into law, which protects Colorado consumers from insurance practices that...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Dr. Morgan Medlock, Commissioner for the Colorado Behavioral Health Administration

| Apr 20, 2022 | Colorado

Appointed in January of 2022, Dr. Morgan Medlock is an emergency psychiatrist and addiction specialist with a passion for people and health equity. She previously served as the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Crisis and Emergency Services for the Washington, D.C., Department of Behavioral Health. She also serves on...[ Read More ]

Renewed legislative focus on seniors in Colorado promotes ‘age-friendly’ community development

| Apr 19, 2022 | Colorado

Colorado legislators have been focused on supporting seniors and nursing facilities this session through a series of bills that have either passed or are working their way through the General Assembly. Governor Jared Polis signed the Modernization of The Older Coloradans Act last month which restructured, codified, re-imagined a holistic,...[ Read More ]

Colorado COVID-19 community levels remain low

| Apr 14, 2022 | Colorado

The latest data show that COVID-19 community levels for the state remain low.  Based on the CDC’s weekly metrics for determining community levels, which measure the impact of COVID-19 on the health care system, 64 of the 65 counties in the state have “low” community levels of COVID-19, with only...[ Read More ]

5 Things Colorado: Health funding in the budget, 'Abortion tourism' in Colorado, BHA bill

| Apr 14, 2022 | Colorado

I'd like to introduce you all to Boram Kim, State of Reform's new reporter for Colorado! Boram has been doing some great coverage of the Colorado market over the past few weeks and we're thrilled to have him with us. Don't hesitate to reach out to him with story ideas, feedback,...[ Read More ]

Colorado boosts health care spending in state budget proposal

| Apr 13, 2022 | Colorado

In November, Governor Jared Polis outlined “healthy and safe communities” as one of the four key elements to economic recovery in his FY 2022-23 budget request to the Joint Budget Committee (JBC). Based on those requests, Colorado is currently finalizing a historic $36.5 billion state budget with significant allocation for...[ Read More ]