5 Things Colorado:  The future of hospitals, Reviewing RAEs, John Kitzhaber

The good news is that we have a fantastic lineup of some of Colorado’s most important health care executives and health policy leaders ready for you on October 30th at the 2019 Colorado State of Reform Health Policy Conference.  We feature a number of them in this month’s edition of 5 Things. The bad news is that – contrary to my email yesterday – Robin Gelburd of FAIR Health isn’t one of them…! I included her when I shouldn’t have.

If you have ever put together events, you know the crazy-making that goes along with them – and that’s where we are three weeks out from our annual conference! But, on the other hand, it’s an opportunity for me to highlight that Robin actually will be a keynote speaker with us at our 2020 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference. So, if you need a reason to go to Hawaii in January…


With help from Emily Viles

1. One year anniversary of RAEs

Phase two of Colorado’s Medicaid reform efforts began last summer with the implementation of Regional Accountable Entities–RAEs. This session convenes experts who have been at the forefront of implementation efforts to discuss the status of these coordinated care efforts.

This afternoon session will be an important one, with forward looking conversations from a number of experts. Patrick Gordon, President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Health Plan, Gretchen McGinnis, Senior VP of Health Care Systems at Colorado Access, and Mitzi Moran, Executive Director at Sunrise Community Health will participate in a discussion moderated by Mara Baer, Founder of AgoHealth.

2. Digging deep in health care data

In the last decade, Colorado’s growth in economy and demography has changed the character of the state, and the health of the population here.  This breakout session will review the health data and trends in Colorado to set a baseline for much of the conversation later in the conference.

Our panel on health care demographics will feature thoughtful experts from diverse perspective. Ana English, President and CEO at CIVHC, Jimmy Sengenberger, President and CEO of Millennial Policy Center, Jeff Bontrager, Director of Research on Coverage and Access at CHI will be joined by Elizabeth Garner, the State Demographer. This session will look at technological data, population health, coverage trends, among other topics.


3. The road ahead for Colorado hospitals

A number of experts join the panel, Strategies for Hospital Innovation, to offer their strategic vision for leading hospital organizations in 2019 and beyond.  They will share their thinking with a review of innovations in the space, policy pressures forcing change, and new collaborations that offer pathways forward.

Robin Deterding, MD the Medical Director, Center for Innovation Children’s Hospital Colorado, Peter Kung, Chief Innovation Officer, SCL Health, and Jennifer Wiler, MD, Executive Medical Director and Co-Founder of the UCHealth CARE Innovation Center round out the panel. Discussions will include individual initiatives throughout the state, and challenges that each system is facing. Come prepared with questions for what should be a popular panel.

4. The Attorney General on health care

Attorney General Weiser headlines our lunchtime keynote for a conversation about health policy, the status of health care in the courts, and what Coloradans might expect from his office in the future. We’ll have an informal conversation with him on stage and learn more about what his office has planned.

AG Weiser has brought new energy to oversight efforts to address fraud in Medicaid, while also committing to increased protections of competition in health care. These are two areas of significant impact to Colorado’s health care sector where we can expect more activity in the years ahead.


5. Breakfast with former Governor Kitzhaber

Our Morning Keynote session will feature one of health care’s most thoughtful policy leaders. John Kitzhaber, MD, is the former governor of the State of Oregon.  He was elected four times to the office, rising to be named Modern Healthcare’s #2 most influential health care leader in America.

While governor, he instituted a number of reforms of Oregon Medicaid, positioning the state as a national leader on balancing cost, quality and access. As Colorado continues to explore various options for reform, Oregon may offer ideas for balancing fiscal responsibility with improving the health of Coloradans across the state.