Connect for Health Colorado June 2019 marketplace report

Connect for Health Colorado recently released its June 2019 Marketplace report. The data in the report reflects the number of Coloradans that have signed up for health care coverage during the fiscal year. These numbers are not considered final until the health insurance company receives payment, and these reports are often updated as the numbers change to reflect these payments. 

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These are some highlights from the report: 

The target effectuations–the number of individuals who have applied, enrolled, and paid premiums that month– have decreased from one fiscal year to the next. Target effectuation for Fiscal Year 2018 were 142,500. Fiscal Year 2019 is 141,000. These target calculations are based on approved fiscal year budget figures. 

Effectuated enrollments have decreased steadily since the winter months. As of June 2019, the number of enrollees totaled 143,410. Still, these figures are all above the baseline goal for overall enrollments.

The report also looks at customer service metrics from the past year, and uses a number of metrics to assess the standard of customer service their members encounter. These metrics include the percentage of calls answered within 5 mins, the average wait time to have these calls answered, and the average handle time. The target is to have 80 percent of calls answered within 5 minutes. 

Data from the report shows that the average percentage of calls answered within 5 minutes has decreased by nearly 20 percent since the last fiscal year. In June 2018, for example, 89 percent of calls were answered in this time frame; in June 2019, 64 percent of calls were answered. 

Average call wait times have increased recently as well, but only marginally compared to last year. Interestingly, there are spikes of decreased productivity during the months of November and March, where average wait times increased to nearly 30 minutes. During this same time, the percentage of calls answered within 5 minutes decreased to below 50 percent. 

The reason for calling Connect for Health Colorado have remained largely unchanged compared to the last fiscal year. The largest volume of calls are a result of issues with enrollment, according to the report. Eligibility and life-changing event calls represent the next most common reasons for calling. Notably, the number of eligibility calls has decreased by 50 percent since last summer.