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CEO of Manifest MedEx talks need for seamlessly connected ADT network in California

| Apr 14, 2023 | California

As healthcare systems attempt to keep pace with the transformation of the digital age, lapses in data collection create additional challenges for patients and providers in California. Erica Galvez, CEO of Manifest MedEx—California’s largest nonprofit health information organization—highlighted the need for providers to access ADT (admission, discharge, and transfer) data...[ Read More ]

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California discusses importance of pending legislation to strengthen data collection for Latino and indigenous individuals

| Apr 13, 2023 | California

The California Senate Judiciary Committee meeting unanimously passed Senate Bill 435 on Tuesday, which would require certain state agencies, boards, and commissions to use separate collection categories and tabulations for each major Latino group, Mesoamerican Indigenous nation, and Mesoamerican Indigenous language group.  Dr. Seciah Aquino, executive director of the Latino...[ Read More ]

HMA provides guidance on building programs for justice-involved individuals

| Apr 7, 2023 | California

Health Management Associates (HMA) hosted a webinar to discuss opportunities to build programs for justice-involved individuals and Medicaid initiatives on Thursday. Several HMA experts identified ways to improve services for those who are leaving or entering incarceration. On Jan. 26th, CMS approved California’s proposal to cover certain healthcare service costs...[ Read More ]

San Diego County works to address increasing number of tuberculosis exposures

| Apr 6, 2023 | California

San Diego County is working to address tuberculosis (TB) exposures at several program sites of Father Joe’s Villages, an organization that works to support the homeless population. Dates of potential TB exposures range from Jan. 14th to March 3rd.  Father Joe’s Villages told State of Reform that from January to...[ Read More ]

California’s Health Care Affordability Board holds first meeting, elects board chair, and discusses state spending targets

| Apr 3, 2023 | California

During its inaugural meeting on March 21st, the newly formed California Office of Health Care Affordability’s Health Care Affordability Board (HCAB) discussed healthcare spending in the state, elected its first chair, and reviewed potential state spending targets. The HCAB falls under the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI)....[ Read More ]

CalAIM breaks ground while reaching key milestones and looks toward further program implementations this summer

| Mar 31, 2023 | California

CalAIM, California’s multi-year initiative to transform Medi-Cal, has already met numerous key milestones regarding program implementation, which early data shows to have improved stabilization among enrollees. The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) feels prepared to implement more going into the summer. The purpose of CalAIM is to transform Medi-Cal...[ Read More ]