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Divided California Assembly approves bill prohibiting COVID-19 misinformation from providers

| Jun 2, 2022 | California

Should California be able to govern the speech of medical professionals for the sake of preventing misinformation? Based on the Assembly’s recent passage of Assembly Bill 2098, the majority of the chamber’s representatives think it should. The legislation did, however, receive 20 “no” votes and has been the subject of...[ Read More ]

California Legislature advances controversial effort to restrict health sector consolidation

| Jun 1, 2022 | California

A controversial push to restrict anti-competitive practices like consolidation in California’s health sector has cleared a major hurdle with its approval from the Assembly last week. Despite consistent disagreements over the bill’s provisions, the Assembly ultimately passed Assembly Bill 2080 with a 45-19 vote. It now needs to clear the...[ Read More ]

CalAIM’s LTC carve-in can help MCPs transition patients out of institutions, according to experts

| May 27, 2022 | California

CalAIM has the opportunity to improve the ability of managed care plans to transition or divert patients from institutions to lower levels of care, several experts said in a California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) webinar on CalAIM’s institutional long-term care carve-in and alignment of community supports.     “[We are...[ Read More ]

Nearly half of California’s immigrant population impacted by food insecurity, according to policy brief

| May 24, 2022 | California

Exclusionary policies in California are exacerbating poverty and food insecurity for the state’s immigrant communities, including the undocumented, according to a recent policy brief authored by Nourish California and published by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. The brief presents findings from data from the 2017-2020 California Health Interview...[ Read More ]

The 'most important nursing home bill in decades' nears passage in California

| May 23, 2022 | California

According to supporters of Assembly Bill 1502, a number of nursing home operators in California are running their facilities without proper licenses, and their unregulated practices are significantly undermining patient care. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), according to the bill, is allowing this to continue through lax oversight...[ Read More ]

Significant portion of primary care provided to Medi-Cal enrollees delivered at FQHCs, new CHCF report finds

| May 19, 2022 | California

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and related clinics, such as Look-Alikes (LALs) and Rural Health Centers (RHCs), provide a significant portion of primary care visits to Medi-Cal enrollees, according to a new report published by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF).     The report specifically found that FQHCs, LALs,...[ Read More ]