Platform engages Medi-Cal members through culturally relevant texts

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan is finding success with Medi-Cal member engagement through the use of culturally relevant text messaging.

The health plan is working in collaboration with health care engagement platform ConsejoSano to offer a messaging service — offered in 22 different languages — designed to engage Medi-Cal beneficiaries who might otherwise feel disconnected from the health care system.


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The goal of the collaboration is to improve health outcomes by providing timely, culturally-appropriate communication with Medi-Cal members.

“Care gaps develop when patients miss important medical services such as childhood immunizations, cancer screenings and well child visits. This is why it is so critical for us to figure out new ways to help our members engage with their providers and receive the care that they need and deserve,” said Tanya Dansky, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan. “ConsejoSano helps us to do that in a way that’s culturally and linguistically relevant to each person in our health plan.”

ConsejoSano’s work with Blue Shield of California began approximately one year ago, and over the course of several health engagement campaigns the text messaging service has reach nearly 18,000 plan members and generated over 127,000 text messages aimed at helping members engage with physicians and care providers.

Examples of these collaborative campaigns include the “Well Child Visit Campaign,” which helps educate parents on the importance of well child visits. The campaign has resulted in almost 1,400 of these visits.

Other campaigns include the “Cervical Cancer Screening Campaign,” which uses text messaging to notify plan members when they are due for cervical cancer screenings. Nearly 2,500 additional women have received screenings.

The plan’s “Type 2 Diabetes Care Campaign” to encourage the utilization of LA County’s Antelope Valley clinics has also found success.

“This is an important step in communicating with a diverse population and helping them understand the complex world of healthcare via their preferred method, which is text messaging,” said Abner Mason, CEO of ConsejoSano. “Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan has shown tremendous foresight in meeting Medi-Cal patients where they are, understanding them, and communicating with them in their preferred way.”