Previewing the State of the State’s healthcare costs

In advance of Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State address, Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, provides the state of the state of health care, reviewing the progress that has been made in California and the health care improvements yet to be achieved:

“Californians should be proud of the progress we have made implementing and improving the Affordable Care Act, from expanding access to health insurance coverage, strengthening the health care safety net and working to improve quality and reduce costs. California has cut the number of uninsured in half, put in new consumer protections, and seen slower growth of premium costs. This year, we will be expanding coverage to all children regardless of immigration status, adding to the millions of Californians have become insured for the first time and still others have gained important new security with the coverage they already have,” said Anthony Wright, executive director, Health Access California. “We hope Governor Brown will acknowledge and take pride in these major health accomplishments during his State of the State address tomorrow, while laying out a vision of additional steps.”

“But building on our progress, California must continue to lead in strengthening our health system, putting new consumer protections in place, leveraging federal dollars for health care investments, and expanding coverage to all adults regardless of immigration status. We hope the Governor and Legislature work to address network adequacy, timely access to care, surprise out-of-network bills, high prescription drug costs and other consumer protections to ensure that the record number of Californians with health coverage can meaningfully access health care and handle the cost of that care,” said Wright.