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Arizona 2022 Trauma Report shows increasing rate of traumatic injuries and costs to healthcare system

| Nov 4, 2022 | Arizona

The Arizona Department of Health Services’ (ADHS) newly released 2022 Trauma Report identifies opportunities for preventing injuries and premature deaths in the state and highlights future resource needs for maintaining Arizona’s trauma system preparedness.     The State Trauma Advisory Board published the report in collaboration with the ADHS Bureau...[ Read More ]

Recently signed bill aims to strengthen Arizona’s nurse workforce by intervening at every step of the pipeline

| Oct 27, 2022 | Arizona

House Bill 2691, signed by Gov. Doug Ducey on June 29th, will appropriate $15.5 million from the state General Fund (GF) to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) in fiscal years 2023 through 2025, and $32 million from the state GF to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System...[ Read More ]

Arizona pro-choice advocates complain of overlapping anti-abortion laws

| Oct 26, 2022 | Arizona

On Monday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich reached an agreement with abortion rights advocates in Maricopa County to halt their lawsuit challenging the 1864 near-total abortion ban that Brnovich has argued should take precedence over the 15-week ban Gov. Doug Ducey signed in March.     The Maricopa County lawsuit...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Recommendations for youth mental health, Rural workforce needs, AzHHA on decreasing hospital operating margins

| Oct 26, 2022 | Arizona

This month's newsletter includes a breakdown of recommendations presented to the Arizona House's Teen Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee, the Arizona Center for Rural Health's proposals for continuing to support the struggling rural health workforce, and insight from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association about mitigating the decreasing financial operating...[ Read More ]

ADHS presents action plan to tackle adverse childhood experiences in Arizona

| Oct 24, 2022 | Arizona

At the Arizona House’s Teen Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee meeting last week, representatives from the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) presented data on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and positive childhood experiences (PCEs) in the state, as well as ADHS’s action plan to reduce children’s exposure to ACEs and...[ Read More ]

What They're Watching: Meghan McCabe, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association

| Oct 24, 2022 | Arizona

In this edition of our "What They're Watching" series, Meghan McCabe, Government Affairs Director for the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), says she's watching the upcoming midterm elections in Arizona and how potential electoral outcomes could impact state health policy. With many legislative seats as well as the governor's...[ Read More ]