Arizona to release procurement in August 2021 for expanded Integrated SMI, Medicaid Managed Care Program.

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Agency (AHCCCS) will release a Competitive Contract Expansion (CCE) for services provided to individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) on August 4, 2021, which would replace the state’s current integrated Regional Behavioral Health Care (RBHC) program and offer additional benefits, according to reporting by Health Management Associates.

The anticipated announcement date for the winners is November 15, 2021. The awards would be limited to one current Arizona Complete Care Medicaid in each Geographic Service Area (GSA). The GSAs include North, South, and Central.

Implementation would be scheduled for October 1, 2022.


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AHCCCS also says it is exploring options for the future administration of Non-Title XIX/XXI funded services such as crisis services, housing services, grant funded services, and court ordered evaluations (COE). These services might include expanded services transferring to one or more ACC Plans in each GSA.

In order to delay the move of specialized service delivery from the current RBHAs, and to allow further evaluation of the performance of the ACC Plans, AHCCCS says it is extending the Central RBHA contract term with Mercy Care by one year to September, 2021.

AHCCCS indicated that it may opt to utilize an open RFP process for one or more of these services.