5 Things Arizona: Sen. Brophy McGee, 2019 Health Scorecard, What you missed

Emily here! Summer is upon us, and DJ is taking some much-deserved vacation time with his family. While he is soaking up the sun, we are still keeping up with the latest Arizona health care news!

Last month, we hosted our 2019 Arizona State of Reform Conference, and it was a huge success with a room full of very smart people discussing some of the most important issues in health care. If you missed the conference, don’t worry! We feature many of those discussions for you in this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching in Arizona health care.

Emily Viles
State of Reform

1. 2019 Arizona State of Reform: What You Missed

Less than a month ago, we hosted our 2019 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference with over 200 attendees from across the spectrum of Arizona’s health care sector. Sixty-five panelists and keynote speakers dug into some of the most complex issues in health care policy and reform. For a sense of the day, check out this highlight video.

We were honored to have such a diverse group of leaders join us in building the agenda that made the day a success! Our Convening Panel was an integral part in the creation of the conference, providing valuable input and guidance in the Arizona health care market.


2. 2019 Conference keynotes

Our host, DJ Wilson, sat down with senior executives and health care experts throughout the conference last month to discuss pressing issues and complex topics in Arizona health care. We caught those conversations — some of the most insightful of the day — on video.

The morning began with a presentation from Robin Gelburd, President of FAIR Health, who discussed Arizona’s health care system cost data. During lunch, Ann-Marie Alameddin, CEO of AzHHA, highlighted the changing relationship between patient and providers and challenges facing Arizona hospitals.

DJ also spoke with Lorry Bottrill, CEO of Mercy Care, who discussed how Mercy Care is working to rethink comprehensive health focus areas like addiction and school-based clinics, among others. Finally, the day closed with a presentation from AHCCCS Director Jami Snyder, who discussed what the agency has been working on and the road ahead.

3. Sen. Kate Brophy McGee on the budget

Our first lunchtime keynote featured Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, Chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The senator, who was rushed to the conference with the President of the Senate’s security detail in tow, made it just in time to join us for a conversation on the challenges and highlights in this year’s budget.

“…this session has been tough. It has been more partisan than I would expect, and we are at the part of session where four-letter words are technical terms, and you just have to lower your head and keep fighting, and that is what I am determined to do,” Sen. Brophy McGee commented during the keynote.



4. Arizona’s State Health System Performance ranking

Last week, the Commonwealth Fund released its 2019 Scorecard on State Health System Performance. The report analyzes state-by-state data to determine which states have the highest quality of care, access to care, health outcomes, and health disparities.

Arizona ranked 32nd overall, an improvement of three spots from the last scorecard. Some highlights for the state include an improvement in the rate of uninsured children, a decrease in adults with mental illness reporting an unmet need, and an improvement in home health patients’ mobility.

5. Meeker: Internet trends and health care

Mary Meeker provides a slide deck on “Internet Trends” every year at the Code Conference, which took place last week. In the 333-slide deck, she spends some time on health care. It’s among the most in-depth reviews of the connection between health care and the digital world, and worth noting.

In it, she highlights that EMR adoption is at almost 100%, setting the stage for significant shifts in how the data will be used. Consumers are beginning to drive health care changes, she notes. This is primarily from outside the system, but which is being felt in the system, too. Among all of the things consumers are worried about, job security may be falling but health care concerns still tops the list.