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5 Slides We're Discussing: Gene therapy and the promise for rare disease

| Jan 24, 2022 | Arizona

Gene therapies have yielded promising results for individuals experiencing rare diseases. However, these groundbreaking therapies come with their own unique set of challenges regarding who will be able to access them, how much they will cost, and how the policymaking and scientific processes will conflict as more and more therapies...[ Read More ]

Registration now open for ‘5 Slides We’re Discussing: Gene therapy and the promise for rare disease’

| Jan 10, 2022 | Arizona

Gene therapy has proven to be a groundbreaking treatment for individuals living with rare diseases like muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. However, while emerging gene therapy treatments have the potential to be lifesaving, they are also posing significant affordability challenges for patients.  In our upcoming conversation on Jan. 18, “5...[ Read More ]

Arizona legislators prefile bills for AHCCCS covered services and vaccination mandates

| Jan 7, 2022 | Arizona

Arizona legislators have prefiled another batch of health bills ahead of the 2022 session, concerning topics such as vaccination mandates and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) covered services. Here are some more bills we’ll be watching ahead of the legislature’s reconvening on Jan. 10. House Bill (HB) 2029...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Prefiled bills, Excess COVID deaths, Q&A w/ Justin Chase

| Dec 29, 2021 | Arizona

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe holiday break! In light of the rising concern surrounding the Omicron variant, we hope you are staying safe and making informed decisions about your health. The last Arizona "5 Things" newsletter of 2021 features an update on prefiled health bills (the 2022 legislative...[ Read More ]

More health bills filed ahead of the 2022 legislative session

| Dec 28, 2021 | Arizona

Several more health bills have been prefiled for the Arizona Legislature’s 2022 session. The bills include topics such as vaccine mandates, services for individuals with developmental disabilities, minors and gender identity, and public health emergencies.     Listed below are some of the health bills that have been prefiled since...[ Read More ]

AzPHA Report: Arizona had highest increase in excess deaths during pandemic

| Dec 23, 2021 | Arizona

On Dec. 19, the Arizona Public Health Association (AzPHA) published a new report providing an update on the excess of all-cause mortality and selected cause-specific mortality in Arizona since the start of the pandemic. This report updates earlier data in 2020 that revealed an unprecedented increase in all-cause mortality in...[ Read More ]