Connect Mat-Su website links residents to services to support health

Local community resource center Connect Mat-Su has launched a new website at The new site gives residents easy access to the largest known database of support services available in the Mat-Su.


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Connect Mat-Su was developed by the Mat-Su Health Foundation and community partners to be a comprehensive and innovative health and social services information and referral resource center. It links residents with access to the information, referrals, and direct assistance they need to thrive physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

“Connect Mat-Su was designed to support the vision that every person in the Mat-Su has access to all that is needed to live a healthy and fulfilling life,” said Mat-Su Health Foundation CEO Elizabeth Ripley. “The service offers many kinds of assistance, including information about how to access food, housing, healthcare, elder care, childcare, and even the social connections that are such an important part of good health.”

Connect Mat-Su Director Ashley Peltier stated, “One of the things that sets Connect Mat-Su apart from other resource centers is the tailored experience we provide. Clients have the option to search hundreds of local resources on the Connect Mat-Su website, or they can call us for a more personalized experience that includes taking time to understand their individual needs, offering options, helping to navigate the options, and providing warm handoffs for further assistance.”

Connect Mat-Su has been in operation since April 2018, offering service by phone and in-person at the Mat-Su Health Foundation offices until the building was temporarily closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The new Connect Mat-Su website comes when it is needed most, making it easier for residents to access resources,” said Ripley.

This press release was provided by the Mat-Su Health Foundation.