Alaska Providers, Premera Form New Collaboration


Primary care physicians, hospitalists and healthcare leaders have collaborated to form Alaska Innovative Medicine Inc. (AIM).  AIM, in short, brings the medical home to the at-risk patient by coordinating care in a multidisciplinary model.  The model builds a collaboration with the primary care physician, inpatient hospitalist and sub-specialist, deploying resources as needed.

“As Hospitalists, we unfortunately have a front row seat to witness the gaps in our healthcare system. Patients often fall through the cracks as they transition between independent healthcare entities,” said Dr. Tim Bateman, MD.  AIM will dedicate a medical director to lead their case managers, social workers, home health nurses along with other healthcare professionals to ensure patients get the guidance and support they need to achieve coherent, coordinated care in a multi-disciplinary world.

AIM chose to work with Premera Blue Cross who will provide startup funding, data and analytics to support AIM’s operations.

Is this simply a new healthcare enterprise or a significant step forward in organizing care delivery across a fragmented delivery system? Time will tell, but the AIM model takes the medical home concept a step further allowing doctors and specialists to use data to collectively design a comprehensive plan for patient care.  The model also allows providers to be able to predict their patients’ future care needs.

AIM says it will measure success based on the improvement of patient care and the achievement of healthcare cost savings.