Statement from Alaska Heart Institute CEO Keli McGhee

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The following statement was given to me by Keli McGhee, CEO of the Alaska Heart and Vascular Institute (AHI)

This is in response to rumors I’d been hearing about AHI splitting up into different groups.  I had specifically heard that the electrophysiology cardiologists (EP) were leaving the group.

So, we just went to the source to ask for details on the matter.  Ms. McGhee was very gracious and called me back a number of times.  This came from an email exchange.

The Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute is owned by a group of 24 physicians, and these doctors are constantly in discussions about how to organize and improve the practice to be at their best for the patients, staff, and future changes in healthcare. We do not currently have any EP partners who are leaving the Alaska Heart & Vascular Institute, and our physicians continue working together to improve the practice.

In a voice mail, Ms. McGhee added a further clarifying statement.

For the record, we are not splitting as a group.  We’re making some org changes, but those are just internal modifications.  I’m not sure where the information has come from.

I’m not sure whether the rumor mill will be put to rest, but this seems like a pretty clear statement.  Kudos to Ms. McGhee for addressing the question directly and clearly.