Alaska’s “Obamacare” Enrollment Continued Uptick in January

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report on Wednesday that shows there was an increase in January in the number of individuals enrolled in health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act, both nationally as well as in the state of Alaska.

In Alaska, 5,082 people enrolled in coverage through as of Feb. 1. That is an increase of 1,726 individuals in one month, up from the 3,356 individuals who had enrolled in coverage during the first three months of open enrollment.

In Alaska, the biggest enrollment surge came in December when nearly 3,000 Alaskans enrolled in qualified health plans through the federal exchange. Only 398 had enrolled by the end of November.

According to the HHS report, 86 percent of Alaskans who purchased QHPs through the federal exchange by the end of January were eligible for federal premium subsidies.

Approximately 36 percent were ages 26 to 44, and 49 percent were ages 45 to 64.

Sixty-three percent chose a silver plan. But among the roughly 700 Alaskans who enrolled in a QHP without financial assistance, 44 percent chose a bronze plan, which offers the lowest premium and the least coverage.

Altogether, 11,121 Alaskans had completed applications through and were found eligible to enroll in a QHP, but less than half that number had actually enrolled by the end of January.