AK: Sen. Begich Enrolls in Alaska Exchange

Begich-020909-18429- 0014Alaskan Democratic Senator Mark Begich signed up for health insurance yesterday, Nov. 11, on Alaska’s federally facilitated marketplace, stating that he wants the same insurance opportunities as all eligible Alaskans.

“I want to have the exact same experience and go through the same steps as other Alaskans when it comes to signing up for health care, which is why I have decided to refuse any federal subsidy and have signed up on Alaska’s federally run marketplace,” Begich said in a statement.

Begich enrolled using the troubled Healthcare.gov website. And in doing so, the Senator will not accept a federal employer contribution.

Begich has been a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s mismanagement of the health care transformation thus far and last week vented his frustrations with the President in a meeting with a select group of other senators. Begich has stressed that he wants to hold the White House responsible for the rollout of the law.

“As I’ve said many times before, this law is not perfect and that is why I will continue to hold both the administration and insurance companies accountable to ensure that Alaskans have access to the facts and are able to receive the care they want and need,” he said.

He even tweeted about his experience once he had successfully enrolled.