My Experience on HealthCare.Gov Today

Note: If you would like to look up plans and premiums available in the federal marketplace while the kinks get worked out, you may do so here:

I tried logging on to this morning to see how signing up for the Exchange would work for states like Alaska.  We knew the launch would come with some hiccups, that’s expected with new systems and technology.  Here’s my experience attempting to register.

Upon arriving at and clicking “apply now” I was taken to a page with this message:

healthcare gov landing message sm

About a minute later, my wait was over. I began creating my account, which seemed easy enough. And it was. Except for the security question page which did not contain security questions. I typed in some placeholder answers to get me on my way. I typed in the same answer to the three blank questions, clicked submit and was on my way. Except I wasn’t. I received this message:

Healthcare gov error message sm

It knew I had typed in the same lazy answers to the three empty questions.  The site sent me back to create an account again.  This time, I followed directions.  I created three distinct answers and clicked submit again.  Only to be taken back to this page again:

Healthcare gov error message sm

Foiled again. I tried a third time for good measure.  Same result.

Then it occurred to me I was using Firefox. I tried using Internet Explorer.  It seemed to be working much better.  The security questions were visible, it liked my answers. But then, instead of confirming my account, this screen came up:

healthcare gov error2 sm

It seems I’m stuck for the moment.  We knew there would be some hiccups in launching the state and federal exchange marketplaces.  If anyone has had success registering yet we would love to hear how that went in the comments section or drop us an email at