2012 Alaska State of Reform: Alaska Solutions

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One of the new tracks we’re presenting for this year’s Alaska conference is titled “Alaska Solutions” – and it will likely be one of the most well attended tracks of the day.Each session will feature one speaker – only one – with a moderator in support.  Each speaker will be given about 25 minutes to address three key topics.

1.  Define the problem with Alaska’s health care system as you see it.  Offer specific examples and definitions.

2.  Identify the context and environment that will influence the solution.

3.  Propose a solution, or set of solutions, to the problems as defined.

After each of our speakers tackles these three questions, then the audience will be able to comment, question, or provide feedback as needed.  Each session will include a moderator to help organize the time.

Since each of the Alaska Solutions sessions will have the same format, audience members will be able to compare different approaches and viewpoints.  The conversation will be focused on moving Alaska forward, rather than highlighting problems as we see them.

For some insight into what’s to come, here are a few of the speakers lined up for our Alaska Solutions panels, and the industry perspective they will offer.

Plan:  Jeff Davis, CEO Premera Alaska

Hospital:  Annie Holt, Alaska Regional Hospital

Physician:  Dr. Marin Granholm, President, Alaska Academy of Family Physicians

More will be coming soon when we release the final agenda.  Stay tuned!