State of Reform Adds Ryan Makinster In Anchorage To Cover Alaska Health Care

A few weeks ago, you may have started seeing even more content following Alaska health policy and marketplace.  That’s because we’re proud to say State of Reform now has a public policy veteran following and writing about health care in Alaska.

Ryan Makinster will be working part time for State of Reform in Alaska, keeping his eyes and ears open on health care stories in Alaska.  We’re proud to have him join the team, and think you’ll gather some good insights from insiders by following his coverage.

Ryan brings more than ten years of public relations, communications and government relations experience to State of Reform.  For 5 years, Ryan worked for legislators in Juneau like Lesil McGuire, John Cowdery and Charisse Millett. So, he knows the inside of the policy making process as well as anyone.

He’s also the former Communications Director for the AEDC, giving him a sharp understanding of the pressures facing Alaska businesses and the economy.  Currently, he’s a partner at Fine Point Advertising based in Anchorage.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an advertising emphasis from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University.

You can read some of his early coverage here, here and here.