Moving forward with our Alaska event

Our 2011 “State of Reform” Health Policy event to be held in Anchorage on September 30th is gaining considerable momentum!

During a week of meetings in Anchorage with stakeholders in the policy and health care worlds, I was very pleased with the level of interest and excitement about a conference such as this. Every single person and organization for which I asked support for this event said yes – without exception.

Accordingly, we are well on our way to completing our Convening Panel for our Alaska event, which you can review here. It is a strong panel of key players from across the spectrum of health policy.

The Convening Panel will hold its first meeting on March 7th at the Denali Commission offices. At that point, we’ll review possible agenda topics and frame the conference content for the day. The goal of the content is to deliver a sophisticated level of business intelligence for industry and policy leaders so that in a one day conference, these decision makers can get a true sense of what’s happening in the health care marketplace and policy arena.

This isn’t a “one foot level” analysis. But, it is about a one thousand foot level analysis. In other words, attendees will get a level of insight, detail and information that will guide their strategic approach to navigation the market turmoil as a result of reform.

Stay tuned!