Keynote: Antrell Tyson, HHS Region 4 Director


Eli Kirshbaum


It was a pleasure to have Antrell Tyson, US Department of Health and Human Services regional director for Region 4, open our recent 2023 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference with an insightful keynote about his leadership of the federal agency and the Biden administration’s health policy goals.

Tyson discussed the administration’s priorities, which include expanding access to care (through actions such as supporting states in expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act), lowering healthcare costs (capping insulin copays, negotiating reduced prescription drug prices), improving maternal health (for instance, through promoting the 12-month extension of Medicaid postpartum coverage), and improving mental and behavioral health (this includes the launch of the national 988 crisis hotline).

“The Biden-Harris administration is here to fight for you and with you. Our door is open and we are ready to engage you and help advance any of these priorities. But most importantly, we are here to listen and to help support you in your efforts to advance health equity here in Florida.”

Following his presentation, Tyson sat down for a valuable conversation with conference host and Health Management Associates Managing Principal Beth Kidder. You can watch the full keynote above.