5 Things Oregon: ‘CCO 3.0 & the OHP waiver,’ ‘Initiatives for growing & supporting the workforce pipeline,’ ‘Preparing for the end of the PHE’


Eli Kirshbaum


The 2022 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference is just around the corner on October 25th! This newsletter features an overview of just a few of the valuable panel discussions we’ve curated for you.

We’re proud to have a phenomenal list of speakers lined up for the day, as well as over 250 folks already registered to attend! If you haven’t signed up to join us, make sure to do so so you don’t miss out on these unique, informative conversations.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you in Portland in a couple weeks!

Eli Kirshbaum
State of Reform


1. Panel: CCO 3.0 & the OHP waiver

Federal regulators recently announced the approval of Oregon’s 1115 Medicaid waiver renewal. The new waiver puts significant focus on maximizing coverage, improving health equity, stabilizing transitions, and value-based global budgets. So, what comes next for CCOs? What changes can we expect to see within the OHP during the 2022-2027 demonstration period?

This panel will bring together Lori Coyner, Senior Medicaid Policy Advisor at OHA, James Schroeder, CEO of Health Share of Oregon, and Bruce Goldberg, Professor at Oregon Health & Science University for an in-depth conversation on these policy changes.


2. Panel: Initiatives for growing & supporting the workforce pipeline

Oregon, like most states in the nation, is facing significant challenges when it comes to growing and supporting its health care workforce. This panel conversation will focus specifically on efforts to support the workforce pipeline and will touch on topics including education programs, recruitment efforts, workforce diversity, and Future Ready Oregon.

Speaking on the panel will be Paul Gorman, MD, Assistant Dean of Rural Medical Education at the OHSU Dept. of Medicine, Troy Larkin, PhD, Executive Director of Nursing Outcomes and Education at Providence Nursing Institute, and Jennifer Purcell, Director of the Future Ready program at the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

3. Panels: Legislators discuss health policy

During our Policy Leadership: Republicans panel, hear from Rep. Raquel Moore-GreenRep. Christine Goodwin, and Rep. Ron Noble—all of whom are members of the House Interim Committee on Health Care—about the Republican party’s health policy priorities and their experience during this past legislative session.

During our Policy Leadership: Democrats panel, hear about the Democratic party’s recent health policy pursuits from Rep. Rachel Prusak, Vice Chair of the House Interim Committee on Health Care, Rep. Maxine Dexter, a member of the same committee, Rep. Rob Nosse, Chair of the House Interim Committee on Behavioral Health, and Sen. Kate Lieber, a member of the Senate Interim Committee on Human Services, Mental Health and Recovery.


4. Panel: Closing the coverage gap & preparing for the end of the PHE

The impending end of the public health emergency will bring both a loss of pandemic-era flexibilities and the beginning of the redetermination process. So, how is the state preparing for the end of the PHE? And, how will state leaders work to limit the loss of health coverage?

To hear expert insight on this pressing topic, grab a seat at this panel featuring Marty Carty, Government Affairs Director at the Oregon Primary Care Association, Andrew Stolfi, Director and Insurance Commissioner for the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Sen. Elizabeth Steiner-Hayward, Co-Chair of the Join Task Force on the Bridge Health Care Program, and Chiqui Flowers, Director of the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace.

5. Panel: Courts & their impact on health policy

From the Roe v. Wade decision to rulings on the ACA, the US court system is impacting health policy in significant ways. This multi-silo group of thought leaders will weigh in on the politicization of the courts and its impact on science, medicine, and public health.

This unique conversation will bring together David Hart, Lawyer at the Oregon Department of Justice, An Do, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Oregon, and Bruce Howell, Program Director at Willamette University’s Certificate in Health Law Program for a robust conversation on how the judicial system is shaping health policy.