What They’re Watching: David Muhlestein, PhD, Health Management Associates


Nicole Pasia


David Muhlestein, PhD, JD, is Chief Research and Innovation Officer for Health Management Associates, where he leads the firm’s strategic planning and innovation in health care payment and delivery reform. In this “What They’re Watching” video from the 2022 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Muhlestein discusses the challenges, opportunities, and outlook for health organizations shifting away from fee-for-service business models to value-based care (VBC). 


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Although the pandemic caused some organizations to delay their shift to VBC, Muhlestein says this model ultimately benefits patients in the long run.

“True value-based prospective payments were really advantageous for people during COVID. If you were already under those models, you were better off. It’s going to be a chance for people to say, ‘We learned a lot during COVID. While we’re starting to think about what’s next, let’s go back to value-based care and double down on that.’”