DHSS Commissioner still uncertain when full service will be restored after cyberattack

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) is still recovering from its May 17 cyberattack. The attack last month affected over a dozen online services when the DHSS website was shut down. 

DHSS partnered with law enforcement to carry out an investigation and service has not yet been fully restored. 

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In an update this week, Commissioner Adam Crumb said details on the attack and when service will be fully restored are uncertain and must remain confidential. 

Just as law enforcement agencies are cautious in releasing details during an active investigation, we must be careful not to inadvertently give the attackers any details about our actions that could further hinder our recovery.

Crumb says getting services back online is a top priority, but protecting privacy is crucial. 

Protecting Alaskans’ data and restoring services is of paramount importance.

Large-scale cyberattacks continue to make headline news since the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline on May 9. McDonald’s and Electronic Arts announced today they had fallen victim to cyberattacks, and meat processing company, JBS also confirmed an $11 million ransom payment.

A recent Check Point report revealed that since April 2021, health care has become the most targeted industry in the world, experiencing an average of 109 attack attempts per organization each week. The utilities sector was second on the list with 59 weekly attempts per organization globally.

Computer security company, McAfee, estimates cybercrime has cost $1 trillion worldwide.