Health care leaders to discuss achieving value in health care during webinar on Monday

During a webinar next week, health leaders will explore possible changes to the health care system that could result in better outcomes, lower costs, and new investments in families and communities. The webinar, “Achieving Value in Health Care and Increased Investments in Health,” will take place on Monday, December 14 from 10:45am to 12:00pm Eastern Time.



Speakers include Rep. Earl Blumenauer, former Gov. John Kitzhaber, and former CMS Director Don Berwick. Also joining the conversation will be Matt Morrison, Executive Director at Working America, Don Crane, CEO of America’s Physician Groups, Arielle Kane, Director of Health Care at the Progressive Policy Institute, and Chuck Hofmann, Eastern Oregon CCO Clinical Consultant.

This group of leaders will discuss legislative concepts aimed at moving closer to universal coverage and reducing the total cost of care.

Those interested in attending can register here.