DPHE launches COVID-19 outbreak map

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment officially launched a COVID-19 outbreak map to better track the spread of the disease in real time to compliment DPHE’s current COVID-19 Data page.

The map will be updated every Wednesday to show new cases, allowing Coloradans to be aware of outbreaks to further prevent COVID-19 spreading, according to a Department of Public Health and Environment press release.



“The map displays locations of active outbreaks using symbology based on the outbreak setting, and resolved outbreaks are shown using a gray marker. Users can click on each active or resolved outbreak to view additional details, including the date the outbreak was determined to be an outbreak, the date it was resolved if applicable, and the number of confirmed and probable cases and deaths.”

The map shows each county in Colorado, with small gray markers showing resolved COVID-19 cases, and larger black and blue markers indicating currently active cases and the settings they occurred in.

If an outbreak occurred in a restaurant, for example, a fork and knife icon would be used to mark the outbreak spot on the map.

Many of the active outbreaks have been traced to inpatient health care facilities, bars, restaurants, and office buildings. 

The goal for creating the map is to make sure outbreaks are traced accurately and in a timely manner so Coloradans can have access to the updates. 

“CDPHE is committed to transparency and to empowering the public and our partners through access to COVID-19 data and information.The map will provide further consistency, accuracy, and transparency around COVID-19 outbreak data.”

According to current statistics, Colorado has had 61,324 total COVID-19 cases in 63 of the state’s 64 counties, with 7,227 people hospitalized and 1,889 deaths due to the disease.