Colorado “Can Do” campaign supports environmental, public health with $4.1 million

The State of Colorado is taking on several projects and programs to improve public and environmental health during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the state’s “Can Do Colorado” campaign.

Colorado’s Department of Transportation is utilizing up to $4.1 million to revitalize main streets in an ongoing effort to better connect pedestrians to local businesses.



One of the big projects Colorado is undertaking, the Revitalizing Main Streets program, aims to enhance environmental health by building more outdoor eating and recreational areas and widening city trails.

Bob Wilson, statewide communications manager for Colorado’s Department of Transportation, said they are expecting funds to be distributed for the program soon.

“The Revitalizing Main Streets program just kicked off reviews in July, so no one has implemented a program that we have funded yet, but we expect those funds will be flowing very soon,” he said. “There are a number of examples of communities that have chosen to do this on their own. We do plan to collect metrics from the communities and can share those once they are finalized.”

According to an August 17 presentation from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, awards are up to $50,000 per project 

25 projects have already been supported through this, with $1.09 million being awarded so far. 

As part of the “Can Do Colorado” campaign, the city of Aspen, known for its resorts and tourism, is looking to shift to telework to stay safe and healthy in the pandemic. 

According to an August 12 press release, Aspen as well as Estes Park and Aurora are all promoting best safety practices for teleworking during the pandemic.

These cities are the first in Colorado to receive funding for their telework efforts, totaling $19,630.

Specifically, Aspen is supporting its Transportation Options Program through developing and hosting a training session, customized for the requirements of a tourist economy.

Focusing on supporting local businesses, Colorado’s “Can Do Colorado” program will provide incentives to businesses and local communities “to restart commerce in safe and sustainable ways.”  

Colorado will continue supporting local businesses and communities through “Can Do Colorado” to encourage safe and healthy working and living options during the COVID-19 pandemic.