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Vern Smith, the new host for State of Reform

Matt Beuschlein | Mar 1, 2022 | Federal

Video: Morning Keynote: One on one conversations on health reform

| Feb 25, 2022 | Colorado, Federal, Oregon

Some of health care’s most insightful leaders joined us on our morning keynote at our 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference to talk about what they’re watching in their states and throughout the country. They discussed how their states handled the pandemic, advice they would give to health...[ Read More ]

Video: How COVID has changed our health care system

| Feb 23, 2022 | Federal, Hawaii

Health leaders from three corners of the country reflected on their experiences addressing the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years at the 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference. Discussions on the importance of addressing disparities with data, workforce reform, and more took place at the “How COVID...[ Read More ]

Background on CMMI’s Direct Contracting Model

| Feb 18, 2022 | Federal

The Biden administration has come under pressure in recent weeks to modify, or even pull back entirely, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Direct Contracting Model, which was originally developed during the Trump era. (The administration has indicated it will announce its plans for the model “soon”.) The following...[ Read More ]

Nearly 300 organizations joining the 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference

Matt Beuschlein | Feb 7, 2022 | Federal

With the 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference coming up next week, we wanted to share the list of nearly 300 organizations that will be attending our event. It's an impressive list and one that we're honored to host and convene on February 17th! We are looking forward...[ Read More ]

The CMS-Georgia waiver battle

| Jan 28, 2022 | Federal

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has been engaged in a multi-year back-and-forth with federal officials over the state’s Medicaid and insurance market waiver programs, as reflected in the following timeline of the most notable steps taken by both sides. A final resolution of the standoff is not yet in sight, or...[ Read More ]

Detailed Agenda for the 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference is now available!

Emily Boerger | Jan 25, 2022 | Federal

The Detailed Agenda for our 2022 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference on February 17 is now available! We have carefully crafted these panel topics after a long process of stakeholder engagement that helped us zero in on the most important health policy topics and conversations taking place across the country. We are excited to...[ Read More ]