What They’re Watching: Fred Cerise, MD, Parkland Health and Hospital System


Eli Kirshbaum


In this edition of “What They’re Watching,” Parkland Health and Hospital System CEO Fred Cerise, MD, said he is laser-focused on improving healthcare affordability. At last year’s North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference—for which he was a keynote speaker—Cerise told us that a better coordination of healthcare services is a critical part of this.


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He also highlighted the utility of digital health in ensuring equitable access to healthcare.

“Things like using our data to identify care gaps, and then [doing] outreach. So looking at, for instance, people who have diabetes with poor control and who are not accessing their medications. And we can get that information now, so mining their data points and then doing outreach to make sure people get the care they need … that’s the way that we’ll elevate the health of the population.”