What They’re Watching: Norma Diaz, Community Health Group


Eli Kirshbaum


In the first edition of the “What They’re Watching” interview series we’ve curated from the 2021 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Community Health Group CEO Norma Diaz shares how her organization is laser-focused on serving its members above all else. 


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Diaz says she visits members’ homes herself several times a year so she can remain aware of their living experience.

“If I don’t go out to their homes and I don’t feel what they feel, then I don’t know that I can come up with the best initiatives to serve them.”

While she says the pandemic has been difficult for Community Health Group, she believes helping members navigate COVID has made the organization more compassionate. 

“People just became parents and teachers and babysitters overnight … We have to put ourselves in their shoes … that has really opened up my eyes a lot. And just dealing with the fear and frustration, I think, has made us a much better company.”