Maryland ranks second best state for nursing professionals

Maryland ranks second behind New York as the best overall state for nursing professionals, according to a recent report by The Senior List. 

The report ranks states based on 17 metrics including median annual wage, employment per 1,000 jobs, projected growth in employment and cost of living. The highest possible score a state could receive was 867, and Maryland received 565 points.



According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the U.S. is poised to add about 2.4 million health care jobs over the next decade — the most of any occupational group. Nursing-related occupations account for much of the expected growth.

Maryland’s high ranking is — in part — due to its higher than average median wage for nursing professionals.

The median wage in the U.S. for home health and personal care aides is $27,080 per year. Nursing assistants are just above that amount at $30,850 per year. Registered nurses receive an average of $75,330 per year, and nurse practitioners receive $111,680 per year.

Maryland’s median wage for nursing professionals is just above the U.S. average. Home health and personal care aides receive $28,110 per year, nursing assistants receive $32,570 per year, registered nurses receive $79,810 per year and nurse practitioners receive $112,730 per year.

The report also gave the average annual housing cost as a percentage of annual wage. In Maryland, housing represents 57% of home health aides’ income. Nursing assistants on average spend 49% of their annual income on housing, registered nurses spend 20% and nurse practitioners spend 14% of their income. 

In Maryland, home health aides spend more of their income on housing compared to the national average. The three other professions spend less than the national average.

According to April 2021 BLS projections, nurse practitioner positions are the second fastest growing profession in the U.S. and are expected to grow 52% from 2019-2029. Home health and personal care aide employment is expected to grow by 34% in the same time period.

Home health and personal care aides have a higher expected growth in Maryland at 42.8%, while the employment growth rate for nurse practitioners is below the national percentage at 34.9%. Nursing assistant employment is expected to grow 18.4% and registered nurse employment is expected to grow 21.7%.

In Maryland, for every 1,000 jobs in the state 45.5 of those jobs are a nursing professional.