Don Crane announces he is leaving America’s Physician Groups

In an email sent Tuesday morning, America’s Physician Groups (APG) President and CEO Don Crane announced he will be leaving the association. Crane has led APG, which represents over 340 physician groups with approximately 195,000 physicians, for 21 years.

In his email, Crane wrote:

“It has been an honor and privilege to lead APG for the last 21 years, but the time to move on feels right and I am excited at the prospect of new adventures.

I am proud of the accomplishments we have amassed since we began this journey, and confident APG will continue to lead our country towards the value-based healthcare it so richly deserves.

I am grateful for the contributions from my amazingly talented staff, and thankful for the unstinting support of the Board of Directors. These dedicated people were the engine of our success and will continue to drive this organization forward I am sure.

I will continue to serve until my successor has been selected and begins his or her tenure, so I’m sure I will be seeing you around. I look forward to that.”