New: Networking sessions at our conference this week


One of the things we have heard from folks over this last year is the importance of building new connections and reaffirming old ones through networking options.

So, we have tons of those for you at State of Reform this year!

I want to tell you about one set of options that we’ve just added for you at the last minute.

Throughout the two-day period, we have structured time set aside between sessions to network with like-minded folks on a given topic.

We’ve also lined up some of the more thoughtful folks we know to facilitate each of these sessions.

So, you can show up, and plan to be “on camera” for the conversation. Your mic will be on as you enter the room and you’ll have a chance to more directly interact with you colleagues at the conference.

Think of these as “hallway conversations” that you might come upon at our in-person event. You’re welcome to jump into the conversation, just like you would in person.

Here is what we have lined up for you.



January 6th:

8:50 am    Health Reform with DJ Wilson. Host of State of Reform

9:45           Health Policy with Bob Crittenden, MD: Former Sr. Health Policy Advisor, Office of Gov. Jay Inslee

10:45         Primary Care with Shawn West, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Embright


January 7th:

9:50           Market Dynamics with Pam MacEwan, CEO of WAHBE

9:50           Health Tech with Nick Jackal, Community Engagement, Cambia Grove

10:45         COVID-19 Response with Ingrid Ulre, Public Health – Seattle & King County

10:45         Health IT with Rick Rubi, CEO, OneHealthPort

11:45          Cascade Care & Medicaid with Ethan Norris, Senior Consultant, HMA



This line up may change a bit as we move through the conference. You’ll always see the updated agenda at our conference platform when you sign in.

So, plan to drop in when you’re able to have a few face to face conversations at the event.

You’ll also be able to use our Networking Center for instant messaging, video chats, and connecting with old friends and new!

And don’t forget about joining us for Networking and Trivia with State of Reform on Wednesday evening!