Governor Abbott, TDEM launch COVID-19 therapeutic infusion center in Austin

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that the Texas Division Of Emergency Management (TDEM) has established a COVID-19 therapeutic infusion center in Austin to treat outpatient cases of COVID-19. The infusion center, which will begin accepting patients on Wednesday, has been provided with Regeneron to treat patients, who meet certain criteria, with a referral from a hospital or doctor. This infusion center has been established through a partnership between TDEM, Travis County, the City of Austin, and the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council.



“This infusion center will help us expand access to therapeutic treatments for COVID-19 in the Austin community,” said Gov. Abbott. “Reducing hospitalizations is a crucial component of our response to COVID-19, and we will continue to work with our local partners to ensure they have the resources they need to keep their communities safe.”

This press release was provided by the Office of Gov. Greg Abbott.