Advisory board openings offer opportunity to influence health policy in Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Public Health Division announced today that it is accepting applications for positions on its Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB). Per the announcement, the division is looking to appoint local health care representatives to represent their communities before the OHA, as long as they are not members of coordinated care programs.

The PHAB is a group of community members who advise the OHA on a variety of public health policy decisions, contributing to important conversations that influence health policy in Oregon. According to the board’s charter, it consists of thirteen members appointed by the governor as well as four non-voting ex-officio members.


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Cara Biddlecom, deputy public health and policy and partnerships director in the Office of the State Public Health Director for OHA, explained in an interview that this position offers an opportunity for health care representatives to make valuable, community-conscious contributions to Oregonians’ health care provisions.

These positions could be beneficial for Oregon health care representatives who are interested in influencing health care policy for the betterment of their community. Biddlecom explains that board members have historically made exceptional impacts through their contributions to ensuring racial equity in health care, guiding the legislature’s investments as it pertains to health policy, and determining priorities for investment in communicable disease control.

The board conducts monthly meetings with the OHA, and membership includes the opportunity to serve on a subcommittee of the OHA, such as the Incentive and Funding Committee, which works to shape health care funding for more efficient allocation to the community.

Biddlecom highlighted that the board has “fairly open membership,” meaning health care representatives of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. The OHA encourages diversity in its applicants, whether this be through race, gender, or other forms of diversity. According to Biddlecom, board positions have terms of four years unless otherwise requested by the governor, with the possibility of renewing the term if the governor should choose to do so.

The announcement states that interested applicants should submit an executive interest form (to be found on the governor’s website), a resume or brief biographical sketch, and a short statement of interest to