NW Prescription Drug Consortium announces Moda and Navitus as contractors for their pharmacy benefit management services

The NW Prescription Drug Consortium is pleased to retain Moda as their contracted program administrator and begin using Navitus as their pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) effective January 1, 2022.


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The NW Prescription Drug Consortium was created in 2006 to allow Oregon and Washington state agencies, local governments, businesses, labor organizations, and uninsured consumers to pool their purchasing power to get better prices on prescription drugs. It is made up of the Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP) and the Washington Prescription Drug Program (WPDP) which are managed by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) respectively.

This announcement comes after an extensive eight-month procurement and evaluation process. Customer satisfaction and service excellence were paramount considerations throughout this process to obtain the best value for NW Prescription Drug Consortium.

Moda has served as the consortium’s program administrator for 13 years. Navitus demonstrated through the evaluation process that it shares the aligned values and goals of the consortium and Moda, including openness and transparency. Navitus also has a demonstrated history of collaborative partnerships and extremely high customer satisfaction ratings serving as a PBM.

A PBM provides insurance companies with wide array of services that manage the delivery of the pharmacy benefit to the consumer and negotiate with manufacturers to secure rebates that reduce the net costs for payers.

Next steps include contract negotiations between the consortium and Moda. The Consortium could have a final contract finalized as early as June.

The NW Prescription Drug Consortium provides a transparent pharmacy services and benefit management solution that has a demonstrated track record of saving money for the people of Oregon and Washington. In 2019 the consortium’s discount card program saved consumers almost $2 million every month. Groups participating in the consortium have appreciated consistent over-performance against our guaranteed rates. This over-performance has generated in excess of $100 million in additional savings to our groups since 2016.

This press release was provided by Oregon Health Authority.