Texas gets $350 million in federal funds for Healthy Texas Women

A collaboration between the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will provide comprehensive women’s health services through a Medicaid demonstration waiver over the next five years.

The Healthy Texas Women demonstration waiver will allow the state to use federal funding for women’s health services, with the aim to boost the health and well-being of Texas women, said Dr. Courtney Phillips, HHS executive commissioner.


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Texas will get about $350 million in federal funding for efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies, targeting individuals not currently enrolled in HTW and measuring the impact the waiver services have on overall maternal health and Medicaid costs, Phillips said.

Services include family planning, breast and cervical cancer screenings, well-women exams and screening and treatment for postpartum depression, hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes.

The Healthy Texas Women demonstration is for women who meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Ages 18 through 44
  • S. citizens or qualified immigrants
  • Texas resident
  • Not currently pregnant
  • Does not currently receive benefits through a Medicaid program that provides full benefits, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), or Medicare Part A or B, and does not have any other creditable health coverage.
  • Net family income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level

A beneficiary within the HTW program meeting the requirements will not see a gap in coverage and will be able to receive the same benefits previously provided under the state funded HTW programs. Also, Healthy Texas Women will continue to serve clients ages 15-17 using only state dollars, say officials.

Officials also point out that the waiver upholds Texas’ policy that favors childbirth and family planning services that do not include elective abortions or the promotion of elective abortions within the continuum of care or services. The waiver also avoids the direct or indirect use of state funds to promote elective abortions.

The new wavier will allow Texas to serve more than 200,000 clients a year, officials said. Healthy Texas Women served about 173,000 women in fiscal year 2018.