UDOH launches initiative to bring preventive health screenings to the workplace

The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) is partnering with Utah employers, particularly those who employ large numbers of women, to bring preventive health care screenings to their workplace. 

UDOH said the goal behind the initiative is to increase convenience for employees and reduce costs by finding diseases at a point where less intensive treatment is still sufficient. 

UDOH found that breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death among women.


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Mammograms have the ability to find cancer years before symptoms become evident, when treatment is most successful. Nevertheless, the numbers for women receiving mammograms in Utah have consistently ranked among the lowest in the nation.

Many women in Utah, even those with health insurance, are not getting screened for breast cancer. They put their families, work, and other obligations in front of their own health. Women say they don’t have time and some are afraid of finding out if something is wrong. Bringing a mobile mammography unit right to the workplace, allows employees to get these important screenings without ever leaving work and helps reduce fear associated with cancer screening,” said Utah Cancer Control Program Manager, Marie Nagata

Not only are lives lost due to the difficulties associated with getting screened for cancer, late stage treatment presents a cost burden for the state. According to the CDC: “The cost of cancer care continues to rise and is expected to reach almost $174 billion by 2020.”

UDOH says the initiative will bring mobile mammography units to worksites at no cost to employers.

Through a collaboration between the the Utah Department of Health (UDOH), Salt Lake School District and Intermountain Healthcare, a mobile mammography event is slated to take place at Rose Park Elementary School on January 31 to kickoff the initiative.