US Sen. Lisa Murkowski on impeachment process

Last week, US Senator Lisa Murkowski joined State of Reform in Anchorage to talk through her work on health care, her vote on the repeal of the ACA, and her thoughts on the impeachment process that has newly unfolded in the nation’s capital.


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These were some of the first comments on impeachment that were made by a sitting US senator in a public forum.

“Sometimes process is wearying.  But process is what protects us. Process is what insures that the majority doesn’t roll over the minority in a way that’s not right. And, process needs to go both ways…  I’m also trying to think to myself ‘If this set of facts were to be in front of me, and the president were President Hillary Clinton instead of President Donald Trump, would I be viewing this in a different way?’  Because if I do, that’s wrong. I shouldn’t view what is right and what is wrong based on the political affiliation of the individual that we are considering. And I think this is where   we have become so, so deeply politicized as people.”

At one point during her comments, Murkowski earned a standing ovation from the audience of senior health care executives and health policy advocates.  Like all State of Reform events, the framework was non-partisan and policy agnostic.

Murkowski is considered one of the Senate’s thoughtful and careful legislators, working to build broad governing coalitions on issues she focuses on.