Poll shows that majority of Americans want Medicare for All, among other initiatives

In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 56% of registered voters said that they oppose a Medicare for All plan that would replace private insurance options. 63% of Democratic voters supported Medicare for All as an option to replace private insurance, outright. 

Proposals like a Medicare for All option have been supported by Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But, other candidates, like former Vice President Joe Biden, are more skeptical about the expansion because of the cost. 

“One of the debates I have with two of my colleagues I greatly respect, both really fine people, is Medicare-for-all. Well, that’s a great idea. But guess what, it costs, minimum, $3.4 trillion per year. That’s twice the entire national budget, except for interest on the debt,” Biden said during a town hall in Iowa last week. 

The poll also asked voters if they would approve of a Medicare buy-in option– an alternative often cited in place of Medicare for all. 78% of registered voters said they approve of a proposal allowing people under the age of 65 to buy into Medicare. 63% Twenty-nine percent of voters strongly supported the buy in option, and 38% ‘somewhat support’ the option. 

When asked about eliminating the Affordable Care Act, 43% of voters responded that that would completely support an elimination proposal. Thirty-eight percent of voters strongly opposed the idea. 

During Democratic debates, the support for Medicare for All was considered a replacement to the ACA. And, support for candidates who support those attempts are growing. 


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The WSJ/NBC poll also questioned whether voters would approve a proposal to expand government health care to undocumented immigrants. Thirty-six percent of voters supported the proposal outright, and 47% of voters completely opposed the idea. 

In California, lawmakers expanded health care coverage to undocumented immigrants. While not all Democratic candidates expressed support, many of those who support Medicare for All were on board. Sen. Sanders was among those candidates. 

The next round of Democratic debates are scheduled to air on October 15th and 16th where conversations about health care coverage are likely to continue.