Hawaii proposes bill to cap insulin co-pays

Recently, Hawaii Representative John M. Mizuno drafted a bill  to cap co-pays for insulin. The proposed bill would cap the price at $100 for a 30-day supply.


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In a July 31 Press Release, Mizuno said of the bill,

“Insulin is an excellent example of runaway drug costs throughout our nation. It is my understanding that insulin prices have increased approximately 555 percent in the last decade and a half and therefore has caused co-pays to sky-rocket to unaffordable rates for our people. As painful as it sounds, many of our residents’ underuse insulin because of its significant cost. Thereby increasing the potential for emergency room visits and costly intervention health services rather than prevention health maintenance.”

This price cap applies to any amount or type of insulin needed . Statutory language in the bill, allows insurers to cost-share an even greater amount, reducing prices further, but does not require it.

Colorado became the first state to cap insulin prices in May of this year.