Lt. Gov. Josh Green on the H4 project

Hawaii Public Radio hosted Lieutenant Governor Josh Green, to discuss homelessness in Hawaii and the H4 project, a new clinic and housing center that serves the chronic homeless population in Oahu. Below are Josh Green’s comments on the project. 


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HPR: Talking today with Lieutenant Governor Josh Green about the problem of homelessness and the H4 project. Tell us more about it.  

Lt. Gov. Josh Green: “In Hawaii, we have a homeless crisis. The average age of a homeless person when they die is fifty-three, one person a week dies on the streets, the average cost is over eighty thousand dollars per person per year, so by starting the H4, we hope to decrease the suffering and actually take the burden off of the taxpayer. This is a big partnership between the city and county and our philanthropy backers, so I’m really honored to be a part of this.”

HPR: So, what’s going to happen at H4? What are some of the services people can get?

JG: “Well, the first floor is going to be hygiene services, like they’ve already started. Second floor is going to be twenty-four-seven clinic, get wound care, mental health care, people can be tested for hepatitis or HIV. The third floor is medical respite. If someone’s had a big health crisis, then we don’t want them back on the streets. Fourth floor will be permanent housing, so that’s H4. Hygiene, health care, medical respite, and housing. That’s the model that’s going to save a lot of suffering and cost.”

HPR: Where will the H4 project be located? 

JG: “So, it’s going to be in Iwilei, 431 Kuwili Street, down near HIS. We’ll open it in early 2020 and we’re so honored to have had HMSA, Queens, and Island’s Hospice, that with the city support has really meant the world. Thousands of people will get services and be off the street.”

To learn more about the H4 project, visit here. To view the full audio, click here