Statement from Washington Health Benefit Exchange CEO Pam MacEwan on proposed 2020 health insurance plan filings

Pam MacEwan, CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, issued today the following statement regarding the proposed 2020 health insurance rates for Washington state announced by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner:

“The Exchange is pleased to see the number of 2020 individual health insurance rates submitted to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner that will be at or lower than rates for 2019. Today’s rate filings are a positive sign that the individual market is stabilizing and families and individuals will be able to find more affordable coverage in the individual health insurance market. This is good news for the over 80 percent of the individual market using Washington Healthplanfinder today to buy health insurance.

“We are also glad that the filings include the addition of new health insurance and dental insurance carriers, providing coverage options for every county and reducing the number of counties who had only one available carrier from 14 in 2019 to a proposed eight in 2020.  The addition of these health plans, and addition of bronze plan options in each county, bring more options to Washingtonians who previously had very limited choice of health plans and found themselves with coverage options that may not have met their needs or budget.

“Today’s news comes as the Exchange continues its ongoing efforts to provide Washingtonians with health insurance plans that are both affordable and of value to the people who use them. This will include the introduction of Cascade Care health plans in 2021 that will include the first public option health insurance plan in the country and standardize coverage benefits offered.

“We look forward to building off of today’s positive rate filing news and continuing work with our health care stakeholders to create an individual health insurance marketplace that will best serve the people of Washington in the coming 2020 plan year and into the future.”

This press release was produced by the Washington Healthplanfinder.