Meeker: Health care and internet trends

Mary Meeker is a partner at the venture capital firm Bond Capital.  She is also an annual speaker at the Code Conference, which is going on this week.

Meeker gives an annual “Internet Trends” report at the conference, a presentation that is so full of detail that it’s more trees than forest. But, because of the sheer accumulation of data, an image of the forest also appears pretty clearly.


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One of the areas she touches on in her 30-minute presentation, drawn from her 333-slide deck, is health care. From her comments:

“USA entitlements account for 61% of government spending versus 42  and shows no sign of slowing

In one slide, she makes the point that concerns about unemployment have fallen throughout the first part of 2019.  However, lost in the background is that health care is the top concern of respondents over that three-month period.

Meeker points to an interesting trend that shows that a EMR adoption by providers is now nearing 100% uptake.

Meeker’s slide deck suggests an increase in tele-health and digital care experiences that will shift the nature of health care.  She suggests this is being driven by consumers and the companies that are fostering consumer-driven innovation.

To make the point, Meeker concludes her section on health care with a comment from Apple’s CEO in January of 2019.

“There are a lot of trends that are really moving in the right direction. Health care is steadily digitizing driven by consumers.  The trends are very powerful…

Tim Cook said “If you zoom out into the future and you look back and ask the question ‘What was Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind?’, it will be about health.”

You can see Meeker’s slide deck on health care here. Her full deck and presentation can be seen here.