What They’re Watching: Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez

Assmeblywoman Lorena Gonzalez represents California’s 80th Legislative District and is Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. She joins us for this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss working together in health care.

“I’m watching how we cover as many people as possible.  How do we ensure everybody has access to health care. And I think that that’s important because that’s what the voters want. They want to make sure that that everybody has that access, that we can still continue to drive costs down, and that we have some sort of goal to getting to universal coverage.

I would say to the healthcare industry as a whole, it’s far better when we’re working together.  I think from years of sitting on the healthcare committee and in dealing with healthcare issues, it doesn’t help when we point fingers at each other.  And that often happens especially when we talk about cost containment.  You know, we can’t contain costs because of this actor or that actor.  And we see that a lot. For us to make true change and to progress and to all continue to exist, we’re going have to work together. So I’m hopeful that we continue to do that.”