Use our stuff. Seriously, go ahead

As we build into a new model of policy journalism for the digital age, we’re learning there are new rules for the world that aren’t yet written down in many text books or taught in many journalism courses.

The digital age is different than the printing press age. So, how an outlet like State of Reform engages with its community and peers should be different, too.

One way we are different is that all of our content is free to be used by any outlet in the United States.

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Any content you see at State of Reform, from our reporting from Olympia, Austin, Salt Lake City, or Sacramento, to our video content, podcasts or data journalism, it’s all free to be used and shared by any outlet across the country.

Seriously.  Go ahead and use our stuff.

We would be honored.

We do this because there is more demand on quality civic and policy information today – but fewer business models to support it.

We don’t make money off of sharing our stuff.  We don’t generate some fee on the back end. We do it because good reporting should be shared – and we hope that you think our stuff is good enough to run under your banner.

Our business model is focused on community over clicks, on quality over content.  So, we don’t make money from traffic to our site.  But we wouldn’t mind making acquaintances!

So, if you find something at State of Reform you want to use, go ahead and use our stuff.

Here’s what we’d ask as rules to follow when you do it.

  • Include the proper byline with the author. Follow the author with the “State of Reform” to indicate the organizational affiliation.
  • If you are a digital outlet, please include the original link to the story, either at the beginning, near the byline, or at the end of the story as a footnote.
  • Send us a note to let us know you used it. We’d appreciate knowing you thought it had value.

That’s it. Pretty easy, right?