Top 5 most viewed stories in California for 2018

The top 5 stories at State of Reform viewed by our California readers this year are a mix of the original and thoughtful content State of Reform has come to be known for.  Sometimes, our content is timely and straightforward.  Sometimes it’s more complicated and has a long shelf-life.  Other instances it’s simply an elevation of an important voice on a trending topic of the day.

I think you see all of that in our top 5 most viewed stories in California this year.  So, we thought we’d feature those for you as a something of a run down and a look back onto 2018.

1.  The race for Attorney General 

When other outlets focused on the headline race for governor, our coverage of the AG race was regularly among the most prominent stories on the campaign at Google.  So, the story below, posted during the final days of the primary, easily tops the list in 2018 as it was at the top of Google’s search results for the race for a number of days.

That is reflective both of the timely nature of some of our content, but also a reflection of how we try to work with search and social media outlets to make our content available to as broad of an audience as possible.

A look at CA Attorney General candidates Becerra and Jones


2.  EHS, DMHC and the fallout from SynerMed

This was one of the hottest topics among California plans and providers throughout 2018.  Our coverage tried to be sensitive to the realities of the disruptive nature of the melt down in the MSO market and the resultant regulatory response.  We tried to add insight rather than simply just from afar.  But, part of that insight was simply telling the straight, step by step story when new facts were made available.

This story was one of those. It wasn’t complicated, but it was important – and a story that got far less coverage elsewhere than the initial headlines when they broke.  In other words, this was a popular story at State of Reform because it was straight news about the industry that wasn’t widely available elsewhere.

Employee Health Systems sues DMHC over cease-and-desist order


3.  The legal challenges faced by DaVita 

Half of our content at State of Reform is accessed by organic search.  That’s because lots of our stories are thoughtful, careful, well-sourced stories that are hard to find elsewhere.

That was the case with Eric Earling’s story from 2017 on DaVita and a review of why they were facing such a strong legal and regulatory backlash.  So, while this was written in 2017, it continued to get a large number of views out of California even 12-18 months later.

Why DaVita is being regulated, investigated, and sued


4.  Op-Ed piece from CHA

Sometimes, the best content at State of Reform is the content produced by our community of readers.  For the fourth most viewed story in California in 2018, we have this example of smart content that we did nothing to.  This was simply a statement from CHA about legislation that was moving through the legislature.  But, because it was timely, relevant, and because it was a complete statement (rather than just a sound bite), this was content that wasn’t found elsewhere in the news universe.  So, it was value-added to the conversation in Sacramento, even if it wasn’t really a product of our own original work.  So, we were happy to offer this statement from CHA to our readers, who obviously found it useful.

California hospitals overwhelmingly oppose AB 3087


5.  Local SF elections with potential statewide impacts 

Our fifth most-viewed story in California of 2018 is a classic example of our work.  It focused on a health care issue playing out in one part of California, and tried to draw lessons from our observations for other parts of the health care sector as a whole.  Again, with the shrinking of health care journalism in America, this story probably would not have gotten too much attention outside of SF without reporting like this.

San Francisco’s Proposition E could mark the beginning of big tobacco’s last stand