OE6 Special Enrollment Period

The Health Benefit Exchange is offering a special enrollment for individuals who were not able to enroll before the end of Open Enrollment. This document provides the specific information of this policy to aid you in assisting these callers.

Who qualifies for this Special Enrollment Period?

Any individual who calls Monday, 12/17 through Thursday, 12/20 and states they were unable to make plan selection before the close of Open Enrollment will be allowed to shop for a plan until December 28th by 9:59pm PST.

Can individuals with an existing plan change their plan?

This Special Enrollment does not allow individuals with existing enrollment to change their plan. Generally, plan changes are not allowed outside of Open Enrollment unless the applicant experiences a qualifying life event.

What will be their plan start date?

Plans selected under this special enrollment period must begin January 1.

How long will they have to wait to shop after calling in?

The Exchange will open plan shopping within 24 hours of their call. A correspondence will also be sent (and show on the customers Message Center) advising them a shopping window is now available with a deadline of December 28th to select their plan.

How long does someone have to select a plan?

This special enrollment period will allow shopping until December 28th. Plan shopping will close after December 28th.

How do they make a payment?

Individuals will need to contact the insurance company directly to make a payment. Pay Now is not an option for plans selected by special enrollment.

Information on insurance providers can be found at: https://www.wahbexchange.org/current-customers/insurance-companypayment-options/

What should I check before submitting a ticket?

Confirm the application has been submitted and there is no unfinished change reporting. A special enrollment period cannot be opened for an application that has not been submitted or is in a change reporting status. Once the above is confirmed submit customer ticket using OE6 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) macro.

After submitting a ticket, what should I tell the applicant?

Advise the customer to login after 24 hours. They will see a 2019 Shop Plans link on their dashboard. This plan shopping window will close after December 28th. If the individual misses the deadline to shop, they will need to experience a Qualifying Life Event or wait until the next Open Enrollment. If the customer makes any changes to their account after the ticket has been submitted it could potentially prevent the Exchange from opening their special enrollment period.

This press release was produced by the Washington Healthplanfinder