Better Health Together chooses two CCA’s for Pathways Hub Pilot

Better Health Together, the Accountable Community of Health (ACH) covering Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, Spokane, and Adams Counties, has selected two Care Coordinating Agencies (CCA) for their Pathways Hub Pilot that will launch in November 2018.

Better Health Together was given a contract as part of the Spokane County Smart Reentry Grant Award that gives support to people coming back into their communities from prison.

The Better Health Together Accountable Community of Health initiated a Request for Proposal (RFP) on October 2nd from care coordination agencies to provide care coordination services using the Pathways Community Hub Model. The Pathways model uses a technology system that eliminates duplication and tracks care coordination and its outcomes. The model identifies a person’s needs and connects them to community-based services. The ACH’s intent is to use the Pathways Community Hub Model to give structure to care coordination endeavors. These agencies will work with the justice-involved community for better health outcomes, suitable care, and monitored results.

Of the six CCA applicants, the two chosen were the Community-Minded Enterprises and Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners. These agencies will provide direct care coordination to more than 200 people through September 2020. Starting in November, these agencies will be able to serve criminal justice-involved clients. The $241,137 grant will be split between the two agencies.

For more information on these two agencies, please visit Community-Minded Enterprises and Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners.